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Taking beauty seriously. Juvéderm®'s collection of facial fillers captures and accentuate the unique feature that make you, you.1 Experience a look that can last up to 24 months2,3* with a satisfaction rating of 91% after one month.4**

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* Depending on the treatment selected

** Based on FACE-Q Satisfaction with Skin score of 90.8% (N=131) at Month 1. Response were rated on 4 points scale (1: very disappointed; 4: very satisfied). FACE-Q Satisfaction with Skin score was calculated by summing the response to the 12 items and converting to a scale score (range 100 – 0). Study was conducted with Juvéderm Volite without Lidocaine. The addition of Lidocaine does not alter the physical properties of Juvéderm products.17