JUVÉDERM® for men

Enhance the features you love

Whether you’re looking to smooth,1,2 lift,3,4 or volumize,3,4 JUVÉDERM® can help. Crafted with hyaluronic acid,1-8 you can embrace and define your natural features in the way that you want.

  • Immediate8 and long-lasting8-10 results

    The enhancing effects of JUVÉDERM® are immediate,9 with results lasting between 9-24 months, depending on your treatment and product chosen.11,12

  • Bespoke treatments13

    JUVÉDERM® treatments considers your unique facial structure,13 enhancing your features to aim to achieve balance and symmetry.1,4,14,15

  • Natural-looking results9

    JUVÉDERM® facial fillers help to bring out your best features using hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in our skin.16-18

See the difference JUVÉDERM® can make

JUVÉDERM® facial fillers for enhancing features

Juvéderm® VOLBELLA with Lidocaine

Juvéderm® VOLBELLA with lidocaine can be used to treat any fine lines and infraorbital skin depressions (i.e. tear-trough area), enhance the lips and refine asymmetrical features.1

Juvéderm® VOLIFT with Lidocaine

Juvéderm® VOLIFT with lidocaine can be used to fill deep wrinkles and lines, as well as to shape the lips.4

Juvéderm® VOLUMA with Lidocaine

Juvéderm® VOLUMA with lidocaine can be used to enhance and restore facial volume.3

Juvéderm® VOLUX

Juvéderm® VOLUX can be used to restore and create volume in the chin and jaw area.*5,19


Juvéderm® ULTRA 4 can be used to treat deep depressions of the skin, for lip enhancement and for cheekbone augmentation.6


Juvéderm® ULTRA 3 can be used to treat mid and/or deep depressions of the skin, and for lip definition and enhancement.7

*Clinical study assessed lower face as chin and jaw area.20

Your questions about JUVÉDERM®, answered
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*Such treatment decisions must be assessed and discussed as part of the healthcare professional–patient consultation prior to any treatment being administered.
†A holistic treatment approach involves considering the patient’s entire face.22